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  1. A Tribute to Billie Holliday
  2. A Turtle's Dream
  3. Abbey Is Blue
  4. Abbey Lincoln HiFi Hits
  5. Abbey Sings Abbey
  6. Abbey Sings Billie
  7. Affair...A Story Of A Girl
  8. Affair: A Story of a Girl in Love
  9. Afro Blue
  10. All My Succes - Abbey Lincoln
  11. Best of Abbey Lincoln
  12. Devil's Got Your Tongue
  13. It's Magic
  14. It's Me
  15. My Best Songs - Abbey Lincoln
  16. Over The Years
  17. Painted Lady
  18. People in Me
  19. Straight Ahead
  20. Talking to the Sun
  21. That's Him
  22. That's Him (Keepnews Collection)
  23. That's Him / It's Magic / Abbey Is Blue / Straight Ahead
  24. That's Him!
  25. The Ultimate Collection 1957-60
  26. The Very Best of - Abbey Lincoln
  27. The World Is Falling Down
  28. Thursdays Child
  29. When There Is Love
  30. Who Used To Dance
  31. Wholly Earth
  32. You Gotta Pay The Band

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