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  1. Agnes
  2. Champion
  3. Change
  4. Dance Love Pop
  5. Danger In Love
  6. I Need You Now
  7. I Need you Now Remixes
  8. I Thought We Were Lovers
  9. Kick Back Relax
  10. On and On
  11. On and On - The Remixes
  12. One Last Time(Radio Edit)
  13. Release Me
  14. Release Me Remixes PT.1
  15. Release Me Remixes PT.2
  16. Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You)
  17. Sometimes I Forget
  18. Stranded
  19. Stronger
  20. The Rhythm Is Magic
  21. This Moment
  22. Veritas
  23. When The Night Falls

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